Before You Step to the Plate


Home Plate - Slow Pitch Hitting - SoftballBefore You Step to the Plate

  • If you are not the lead off hitter, watch the pitcher to see the pitch (flat or high arc, deep or shallow, inside or outside).
  • Go behind the backstop to watch the pitcher if it helps since at is generally the view you have while at bat.
  • Try to determine the umpire’s strike zone, they can vary greatly by umpire.
  • See if any outfielders playing shallow/deep, or 1st or 3rd basemen are playing away from the foul lines. You are looking for a place to hit the ball.
  • If there is a runner on first and you can place the ball to right field, do it to give the runner more time advance to third before the ball can be thrown to the third baseman.  (Don’t try is if you can’t place the ball to right field, a pop out is worse than a solid base hit to left field.)
  • In the on deck circle, if you feel nervous and your arms feel weak, begin squeezing the bat handle in your hands, alternating hands. This helps to get blood flowing to your arms and will alleviate the weak feeling.

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