How to Buy a Slow Pitch Softball Bat - Your Reource for Selecting a Slow Pitch Bat 

When deciding to buy a slow pitch softball bat, there are many things that you may need to consider… bat material, length, weight, weight distribution, and grip.  You then also need to correlate these items to your build and preferences because unfortunately slow pitch bats are not always one size fits all. 

Are Aluminum or Composite Slow Pitch Softball Bats Better

These days in slow pitch softball, pretty much all softball bats are made from either aluminum metal or composite materials.  Due to restrictions imposed by leagues, the performances of metal and composite bats are pretty equal.  Essentially, the technology improved to the point that players could get hurt because the batted ball speed was too hot for fielders to handle.

How to Pitch in Slow Pitch -- Tips and Techniques

slow pitch pitchingOur site is all about improving your swing, but what about pitching?  Let's get into it with some basic tips and videos.

Find Slow Pitch Rec Team using

One of our readers turned us on to, this is a great way to find a team and its good for any type of recreational sports league organizer.

The Site:

Looking for a Slow Pitch Team -- Try

We've received questions about where and how to find a local slow pitch team to join.  An easy site to use is and it works with just about every U.S. City.

Slow Pitch Hitting Tips - New Videos

slowpitchhitting.comBehold Softballers, we've got New Hitting Videos (YouTube) and More Slow Pitch Hitting Videos.  Check them out and get ready for 2011's Softball Season!!

Slow-pitch softball on national TV... Wait... What?

Slow Pitch Hitting Blogs - SlowPitchHitting.comToday, on the most popular sports channel in the country, which shall remain nameless, I stumbled upon a softball game between the USA and Canada. But instead of seeing Jennie Finch and other women running around with red, white and blue ribbon in their hair, it was a bunch of dudes in their mid-30s playing slow-pitch.  Rock on dudes.

Adult Baseball Summer 2009 Camps - Help for your Slow Pitch Hitting

Slow Pitch Hitting Blogs - SlowPitchHitting.comCoed Adult Baseball camps are an all out blast, mingle with baseball legends and upcoming stars while working on improving your game.  The pitch may be a bit faster, but all of these camps can help improve your Softball skills and get you in condition early.

The 28th Annual Summer Slow-Pitch Softball Tournament in Prescott, AZ

Slow Pitch Hitting Blogs - SlowPitchHitting.comIf you are in the hot state of Arizona you are in luck slow pitch lovers. The 28th Annual Summer Slow-Pitch Softball Tournament in Prescott keeps on rolling and gets going this weekend.

Slow Pitch Softball Hitting Tips - Advice From the Pros

Slow Pitch Hitting Blogs - SlowPitchHitting.comYou can always learn something from the Pros of baseball, and that's why we are posting this YouTube video of Hall of Famer hitter Paul Molitor of the Milwaukee Brewers, Toronto Blue Jays and Minnesota Twins provides hitting tips in this instructional video that accompanies American League batting champ, he is considered one of the best hitters of our modern day.

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