Slow-pitch softball on national TV... Wait... What?

Slow Pitch Hitting Blogs - SlowPitchHitting.comToday, on the most popular sports channel in the country, which shall remain nameless, I stumbled upon a softball game between the USA and Canada. But instead of seeing Jennie Finch and other women running around with red, white and blue ribbon in their hair, it was a bunch of dudes in their mid-30s playing slow-pitch.  Rock on dudes.

So all you guys out there who are a part of a recreational softball team, the largest sports channel in the country is one step closer to playing your beer league games on national television. Seriously, the guys representing USA and Canada looked no different than the guys pictured to the right -- just with better uniforms.

But why the hell was I even surprised by this? As my friend Miguel so eloquently put it, “[This channel] shows poker and competitive eating, so they may as hell have more non-athletes on there.”

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