How to Pitch in Slow Pitch Softball

how to pitchHow to be a great pitcher in slow pitch, after all, we want a pitcher, not a Belly Itcher.

Let's get into it with some great tips and techniques.

1. Step on Up: Take the mound, get comfortable up there.  Get a feel for how much space you really have, the distance to each base.  Have your friends take 1st and home and start throwing the ball to those bases.  You are going to throw to 1st and Home a million times, get used to it.

2. Ready to Pitch: Grip the softball in your left or right hand. The ball should have your thumb and index fingers around the widest part of the softball such that your hand forms part of a circle, as if you were holding a beer can. Place your other fingers on the ball below your index finger.

3. Motion: With ball in hand, raise your arm in front of your body.  At the same time bring your arm straight back behind you.  You should be a pendulum.

4. Ready to Release: With one fluid motion, step forward with your non-pitching side foot, and move your non-pitching side arm forward.

5. Let it Go: Let that ball rip when your hand is at your belt line.  That is the release point.

6. Follow Through: Make it look good and by following through it helps the pitch stay on target

Okay we know how you all hate to read.  Quick and dirty a few helpful videos to get you thinking about how to pitch correctly in slow pitch.  What works, what doesn't, etc.