Tip No. 11 The Rookie

We had a post to the forum that we believe was worth sharing…  Hitting to the obvious rookie or the pretty girl in right field.  Here is the post by Danny90:

softball chick - slowpitchhitting.com - hit to the rookieOne thing I've learned is to always assess the players in the field, this may sound lame but take a look at who you are hitting toward.  Prey on the weak, try and hit to the worst players, that way you get more bang for your buck.  I like to watch and pick out the weakest players on the other team and always try and hit their way.  More times than I can say I've ended up with doubles, even triples due to hitting to the weakest link on the team.

Look for the rookie level players, typically cast to the outfield, many times these end up being the girlfriends or some other player on the team, they could be new to slow pitch, these are the best to hit to.  Even the major leagues has great plays thanks to errors, it's a weakness that can be capitalized in a typical slow pitch co-rec league.

Now dammit Danny90, that is just mean.  But, we at slowpitchhitting.com LOVE IT!  Sometimes On Base Percentage matters more than Batting Average.  Thanks for contributing to the site, go crack a cold one as a reward for your good deed.

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