Demarini Slow Pitch BatHome run or base hit?  So, what bat do you think is the best?  I have read a lot info out there.  I understand that scientifically speaking, the composite bats will outperform the metal bats.  Well, I have swung many different types of bats (composite and metal, end-loaded and balanced), and I always seem to go back to Demarini bats.

They are one of the longest-standing performance bats that have been on the market.  Ray DeMarini's motto was, "Insane dedication to performance!"  The first time I hit with a Demarini bat, I had to agree.

I have always generated good bat speed with the balanced feel of Demarini double wall bats and man, when you get that second wall to flex, you will know it!  The ball feels like it “mushes” and just screams off the bat.

Here's where to find Demarini Bats

Let me be honest, I am not a big guy and I am not the team’s home run hitter, but every time I have hit a home run, a Demarini bat was in my hands.

I will not bad mouth any bats, you have to use what works for you.  I am just a fan of Demarini bats, even after Wilson bought them subsequent to Ray Demarini’s unfortunate passing.