Step 2


Step 2 – At the exact same moment the pitcher releases the softball, I begin by stepping my right foot forward to the approximate location where it is customary to stand in the batter’s box when hitting (since I am starting far back and deep in the box). When I set my right foot down, my legs are technically crossed but not enough that I feel awkward or unbalanced. This opens my hips for starting hip rotation, and my hips are rotated such that the front of my hips are generally pointed toward the pitcher (hips rotated out, or exposed).  In the next step, I will get my hips rotating the other direction to "coil" like a spring.

Please note that I am starting my foot motions at the exact same moment the pitcher releases the softball because I am utilizing this to essentially time the ball crossing the plate.  By the time I finish my foot movements to generate hip rotation, the ball will be crossing the plate and I will have wound up my hips like a spring and then released that spring so I can get maximum power from my hips along with my arms, wrists, etc. all at the same moment as the ball crossing the plate.

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