Hitting Drills for Slow Pitch

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Drill #1 - Rope Ball Technique
Use a “Rope Ball” or “Frozen Rope” to help your players’ hitting, especially their timing. Sounds silly but believe it or not this is a sure fire way to  improve overall hitting with a one stop shopping technique.

Simply drill a 5/8? hole in an old softball then thread a 12' long rope through the hole and tie a knot at the end to hold the ball. Swing the rope around in a circle and have them swing on the third pass.

This way they have to follow the ball and hit it at the right time in order to make good contact. You can use it practically anywhere, can change speeds and location of ball, and it’s a fun game for the players (They keep hitting until they miss.)

batting TDrill # 2 - Make use of the Batting Tee
Back to basics, put a softball on a batting tee and let them swing.

This is the perfect way to analyze the batter's swing or just for you to really pay attention to all the Steps we listed (start with Tip No. 1 Hip Rotation  and end with  Tip No. 11 The Rookie).

Again, by not worrying about following and focusing on the pitch, just worry about your swing.   Making use of a Batting Tee isn't just for your kids, its a way to just isolate on your swing.

You can buy a batting Tee anywhere, or review our sponsors right here so you can just take care of it all online (behold the age of the internets):

Drill # 3 - Practice Hitting with Tennis Balls

Tennis BallsUsing tennis balls: As the hitter takes stride, bounce a tennis ball on the ground where home plate would be (stand in opposite batter’s box).

Drop the ball on the outside of the plate and call out “outside” and hitter has to hit the tennis ball pushing it to the opposite field.

Bounce the ball high and call out “deep” and hitter has to get the ball at the top higher arc. Bounce should be no higher than the top of the "reasonable" strike zone though.

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Drill #4 - One you can do just by yourself, Hitting Slow Pitch - The ONE Person Drill>> (click to open)

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